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Fine Artiste Blues



It is going to be a lovely day today. The sun is shining and I feel on top of the world. I start the morning working and after that I am going to a friend in town. I tink we go for a walk on the city center and after that for a nice dinner somewhere. I haven't seen her for a while and it is so nice to catch up. We have a lot to talk about. About work, family and our relationssships. And of course about sports. We both love football. Not so commun for women but we ...

Travel in France

Have you ever gone to France and travelled in that country? If not may I recommend that you do it? I do recommend it for a better purpose and going to France might be something that even saves the environment because if you live in the United Kingdom it might be something that is not even to far. Well, then where to go in France? We have two cities or villages that are very popular is the one in Chateau or Brittany and these cities are gaining popularity among the ones who like to travel and I do believe ...

Reserv your hotel room

When you are about to travel and you really don't know where to go one might ask: What to do? Well, my rekommendation is to book your hotel as soon as possible to eliminate that problem. I believe that a hotel reservation system is available for almost all big hotel chains which indeed includes the one that is for the foremost of all: the Hilton and Grand Hotel. These kinds of hotels is really the top notch of what one can expect for a chain in this price class and what one can ask for a nice weekend in ...

Draw feelings

I was reading an article for a couple of days ago about small children and therapy, and it was intresting to see what the therapist used to make these little children explain how they feel. Usually they had to play different games with them, most like roleplay, and that was an easy way for the child to express itself. They also try to make the child draw how they feel, and after that they ask the child if it can explain what is in the drawing. I thought that their methods where really clever. I sure they work very well.

Thank you for your help!

What kind of insurance do you have? I have an insurance that I really think is a good one. Especially when it comes to having problems with health and medications.

I've had to do a lot of visits to the local hospital, just to get the right kind of medication for my disease. The doctors have tried different types just to see how I feel and if it really are working and helping me, or just making things a lot worse.

Now I feel that I have a medication that helps me feel better. And the insurance company has covered all of ...

My new thing

I walked around in the store the other day and was looking for some nice muffin cups that I should have to my muffin I'm going to bake. I've started a new thing and it's giving away baked goods as gifts for my friends. As yesterday, we were invited home for a friend and then during the day, I made some good chocolate muffins, which I wrapped in a stylish box, and gave as gifts to him. I have discovered that it is very appreciated to give away gifts that you can eat and especially if you have made them ...